• Likeminded people
    Get into the agile and entrepreneurial atmosphere, where everyone collaborates and helps eachother succed.

  • Mentor Network
    Get access to our network of advisors, mentors and partners. We work with some of the greatest minds of our time.

  • Investors
    At Labs we have a unique network of current and previous business owners ready to feed the next unicorn.

Every residency includes

  • Your desk on our open ground floor.
  • A monthly session with a senior consultant, helping to grow your business.
  • A link into a global network of investors and mentors through our events and partners.
  • Access to meeting rooms.


As the innovation economy emerges around the world, Vertical is diversifying its efforts to nurture a fast-growing sector of technology companies. Vertical Labs is shaping this new economy through its incubator by providing guidance, expertise, and resources to entrepreneurs—helping their ventures grow, while attracting talent, mentors, and investors.

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Choose your membership

Flexible Workspace

1475 kr. per month
Full access to the benefits of membership with flexible access to space 24/7. Optional daily lunch for 1000 kr. per month

Team Space

If you need more than 2 tables, reach out to discuss an arrangement.